A Week in December

It was a full week- full of goodness, full of richness, full of the normal magic that characterizes my days. And I am thankful that God gave me the eyes to see the magic of his grace and these moments that make up this sweet life he’s given me.

IMG_3133We planned the Christmas party. I counted sign ups, Laura ordered the food truck and kept revising our head count, my mom helped me find centerpiece inspiration, my dad gathered pinecones, Brian cut mini-stumps with his chainsaw, I gathered my sweet old books in boxes.
Laura and I met at the property Saturday and tried our ideas on tables and hung ropes from trees for lanterns and made lists for appetizers and details. After church Sunday we had lots of help with setting up tables and moving chairs and dispersing books and candles atop the tables and in the trees; and then a few lingered and helped with details- my dad spread greenery, Finn sprinkled cranberries, my mom fine tuned each centerpiece, Chase hung lanterns and jars and carried boxes and carried drinks. Time for a quick trip home to gather appetizers and utensils and then back for final details and setting out drinks and appetizers. My mom chopped apples, my dad lit candles, Laura labeled spreads, the Lobos Truck made it,  and people started arriving… so many good people- neighbors, kids, old friends, new friends… 

IMG_3155Food and friends, carols and candles… a sweet night.

Monday night was time for Christmas trees- and shopping for Chase’s Casa Hogar orphan- with the gang.  One of our best traditions is this one.  Even El Pollo Loco afterwards is extra fun this night. Finn picked our tree this year- a little guy that he couldn’t leave behind. It’s perfect.Christmas tree gettingThen Tuesday, Chase’s first CCS basketball game. He looked great, as did all the boys- what a crew they are. It’s a great group of athletes and boys and it’s awesome that Chase gets to play with them. Mom and Dad brought dinner and stopped to eat with us at our house after the game.

IMG_3310Bedtimes have been sword drills… the opitome of the boys right now- sweetness, competition, sass, truth, love, spit… all together.  They are brothers through and through and the sword drills are brilliant- Brian laying with Kadeo, me keeping score from Chase’s bed, Finny ruling the roost from above…

sword drills

sword drills

Thursday night into Friday a second good rain in a week to lead into middle school community service day where Brian took the 8th graders to the VA, Chase packed and served lunches at Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, and I served cocoa and cookies with my advisory at URM. Such a tremendous place- and a priceless experience for the kids. I wished Chase had been with me, but I think he had a really good time at his place too.IMG_3248Then the weekend! Chase’s city game Friday night- the early game this week- went well but not a victory this time. And when we got home Finn was green and shivery so a thermometer in the arm pit showed a solid fever and led to a solid couch presence for the duration of the weekend. Photo (39)

Brian and I went for a hike up Busch fire road Saturday afternoon before the boys’ game. Just the two of us. Crisp and cool and clean- and so nice to get to talk a little and breathe together.IMG_3313

The cheering crew came out for Kade and Finn’s game Saturday night and having been feverless most of the afternoon, Finn played a little too.

And Sunday again was good- I got to sit in for the sermon- Laura had Sunday school and my dad went and sat with Finn at our house. Brian talked about the peace and joy Christ brings but that eludes us when we seek it on our own. Again, I was struck by the sweetness of our church and of the husband God has given me and of the grace of Christ to live in.IMG_3286


The weekend came to a sweet close with carols at the creche with a gaggle of our Gathering folks and a troop from OLM leading the songs… IMG_3309Dakota and Lucielle hung with the big kids, and it was so great to see old friends from earlier Malibu days: the Jacobson’s were there and Jean Bozarth too.

A sweet week- full of moments special and normal… realizing the blessedness of a normal that is brimming over with magic.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory… full of grace and truth… And from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace. John 1:14,16

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